The Torpor Spectrum Shift AudioVisual effects transmogrify color in a variety of ways in response to sound. These effects are implemented as plug-ins for the Windows Media Player and iTunes.

The effects are so diverse that knowing where to start can be bewildering. If you have a webcam connected to your computer, then check out Not Gray Video first.

If you do not have a camera, then Audio Scope is a good place to start.

In iTunes, do the following:

In Windows Media Player, do the following:

The currently supported effects include:

These effects are highly configurable and interactive. You can modify the effects in real time while they are playing in the player(both iTunes and WMP) using the Torpor Spectrum Shift AudioVisual Panels application. The number of possible configurations of the effects is virtually infinite, and the observed behaviour varies drastically depending on how the effects are configured. Use the Load and SaveAs buttons to retrieve and store configurations.

All of the effects except RGB video use some sort of palette, which is simply a sequence of colors. The Key Pals Panel provides quick access to a set of palette alternatives. Palettes can be interactively created and loaded into the effects in real time by using the Torpor Spectrum Shift AudioVisual Panels in conjunction with the Palette Selector app and the Spectrum Gradient app.