RGB Video


The colors displayed by the audiovisual effects are modulated by the sound volume. The Sound->Color Modulation Type dictates how the 'raw' colors are transformed into the 'cooked' colors that are actually displayed. The RGB Video effect does not use a palette. Each pixel in the image frame can have a unique color.

The Maintain Aspect Ratio checkbox controls how the video image is resized to fill the display window. If Maintain Aspect Ratio is checked, then the image is not distorted at all when it is scaled up. This causes the image to be 'letterboxed' with large black borders alongside. If not selected, then the image is just stretched to completely fill the display window without borders.

You can use the Sound Modulation Parameters dialog to fine tune the way music volume(Mraw) is converted to the Mctrl signal that dictates the final pixel colors.

The Camera button brings up the Camera Config dialog.

The Use Video File checkbox allows you to select video input to the effect from a file instead of live from a camera. The Repeat Video checkbox allows you to force the video file to repeat automatically when it completes.

The Browse Video File button allows you to browse for a video file. On Windows systems, only .wmv files are currently supported, which we realize is pretty bogus. To convert your existing videos to .wmv videos, we recommend that you use the free Movie Maker application from Microsoft. Movie Maker is preinstalled on Windows computers.

To convert an .mp4 video to the .wmv format with Movie Maker, do the following: