Torpor Download Page

You can download copies of our software:

The trial copies will timeout 30 days after you install them. Fred's Fractal Factory and Viewer does not timeout. It is completely free!

Download SiliconK5Eval.exe, SpectrumShiftPaintEval.exe, or FredPlus.exe into a temp directory on your machine and then run it. This will launch a setup program.

These programs run on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

So what is with the blue arrows in the upper right corner of our desktop shortcut icons? This only occurs in Windows 10, and apparently it is a Microsoft bug. This seems to occur because the shortcuts are stored in a compressed folder in Windows 10. However, logically these shortcuts refer to our programs, which are not compressed at all, so the blue compression arrows are really a bug. The bug is completely harmless, but it is annoying and potentially confusing. We use the Wix Toolset to build our installers and I queried the Wix folks about this. They said this behaviour was Microsoft's doing, and not something that the Wix folks could fix. It is a 'feature'.

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