The Palette Selector application acts as a sort of clipboard for palettes. Note that a palette is simply a sequence of 256 colors. The Palette Selector allows you to rapidly transfer palettes between Spectrum Shift applications. You can 'rotate' a palette by dragging the mouse along the length of the palette in the Palette Selector window.

The Palette Selector allows you to load or store palettes from/to files, typically .gif files. Use the Menu->File->Load Palette and Menu->File->Save Palette As commands to accomplish this.

The Palette I/O buttons allow Spectrum Shift applications to export and import palettes to/from the Palette Selector application from/to a local application palette.

The import palette button() copies the current palette in the Palette Selector application into the local palette. In the Spectrum Shift AudioVisual Panels, this button is generally sticky, so that once pressed, it stays depressed until you click it again. When the button is depressed, the local palette is continuously updated with whatever palette is stored in the Palette Selector. If the Spectrum Gradient application is configured to continuously export palettes to the Palette Selector, then you can interactively change the palette associated with an audiovisual effect in real time, while the effect is running!

The launch Palette Selector button() launches the Palette Selector application from another Spectrum Shift application.

The export palette button() copies the local palette into the Palette Selector application. In the Spectrum Gradient application, this button is sticky, so that you can continuously export palettes from the Spectrum Gradient application to the Palette Selector.

Note that you can launch the Spectrum Gradient application from the Palette Selector menu.