Torpor Download Page

You can download copies of our Windows software:

The trial copies will timeout 30 days after you install them. Fred's Fractal Factory and Viewer does not timeout. It is completely free!

Download SiliconKEval536.exe, SpectrumShiftPaintEval_330.exe, or FredPlus.exe into a temp directory on your machine and then run it. This will launch a setup program.

These programs run on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

Permanent copies of the Silicon Mirror and Spectrum Shift Paint can be purchased.

BREAKING NEWS!!! These programs were all built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. Microsoft is phasing out support for Visual Studio 2013 as of April 2024. I have observed that the programs are starting not to work on Windows 10 machines. They still run on my Windows 11 machine, but that may end anytime. So...I am working to port the programs to Visual Studio 2022. I use WIX installers, which need to be updated also, and that is a bit of a nightmare. I will release the new versions ASAP.

Some of our programs install more than one icon on your Windows desktop.

The Silicon Mirror and Kaleidoscope only installs the following icon for Moe's Image Viewer:   .

Moe's Image Viewer on the Mac looks like: .

Spectrum Shift Paint installs 4 desktop icons:  

The Palette Selector and Spectrum Gradient allow you to create and manage custom palettes. Photo Alias allows you to convert almost any photo to gray scale and then apply false color mapping to the image. These images can be animated and used as fill textures in Spectrum Shift Paint.

Fred's Fractal Factory and Viewer installs the following desktop icons:  

So what is with the blue arrows in the upper right corner of our desktop shortcut icons? This only occurs in Windows 10, and apparently it is a Microsoft bug. This seems to occur because the shortcuts are stored in a compressed folder in Windows 10. However, logically these shortcuts refer to our programs, which are not compressed at all, so the blue compression arrows are really a bug. The bug is completely harmless, but it is annoying and potentially confusing. We use the Wix Toolset to build our installers and I queried the Wix folks about this. They said this behaviour was Microsoft's doing, and not something that the Wix folks could fix. It is a 'feature'.

Please send suggestions for improvements to .