Spectrum Shift

Spectrum Shift is currently several applications that work together to transmogrify color. All the stuff described on this page is part of the Spectrum Shift weirdness.


Media Player(iTunes and WMP) Visualizations

As usual, it is hard to describe what these things are...I am trying to create a sort of instrument for modulating color in real time under direct user control. The media player visualizations currently work with iTunes for Windows and the Windows Media Player. The plan is to port these to the Mac eventually.

You can download a free trial copy of the Spectrum Shift Visualizations(version 3.52) for WMP and iTunes. This trial copy will time out in 30 days. The help files are still evolving but the effects are fully functional. Please send suggestions for improvements to elliotl@torpor.com .

Good News: The Spectrum Shift plugins for iTunes have been ported to 64 bits, so they work with the latest versions of iTunes.

If you want to keep playing with Spectrum Shift, you can purchase a permanent copy for $12.00.

iTunes hint: Click on the drop down menu in the top left corner of iTunes and then click on Show Menu Bar. You can access visualizations via the View menu on the menu bar.

The help files for the applications in the Spectrum Shift download give some idea of what Spectrum Shift is all about.

They can be browsed online:

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge


Fred's Fractal Viewer

vspiral1_thumbnail.jpg (36579 bytes)

Fred's Fractal Viewer allows the user to rapidly view extremely large(> 1 trillion pixel) pre-calculated fractal images. Go here to check out a gallery of fractals from Fred. It supports color palette animation, and includes powerful interactive tools for creating color washes(palettes).