Spectrum Shift

Audio Visualization of 'Say Yes' by Elliott Smith:

Spectrum Shift is currently several applications that work together to transmogrify color. All the stuff described on this page is part of the Spectrum Shift weirdness.


Spectrum Shift Paint

Spectrum Shift Paint is about playing with color and animations. You basically paint with an animated brush.

It supports a nifty export feature that allows you to export animations that you create as web pages powered by WebGL.

Or you can just run the animation in Spectrum Shift Paint while running a screen capture program to save the animation as a normal video file. That is how the Fuses video above was created.

Spectrum Shift Paint is available for download.

Click on the images below to see them animated:

And Spectrum Shift Paint can be fun without animation:


Fred's Fractal Viewer

vspiral1_thumbnail.jpg (36579 bytes)

Fred's Fractal Viewer allows the user to rapidly view extremely large(> 1 trillion pixel) pre-calculated fractal images. Go here to check out a gallery of fractals from Fred. It supports color palette animation, and includes powerful interactive tools for creating color washes(palettes).